Gabi and Emily - Fun in Halloween

Story, characters and production: Kattu/PaoGordo.

Art done by the awesome ICUdhara. It was great working with you!

ICUdhara's page:

Hello everyone! So, this is part of my project of selling comics I commission (with the permission of the artist) to help me keep create new stories and comics about my characters.

It's Halloween time! Our heroes Gabi and Emily are going to have so much fun! Every Halloween, Gabi lets herself go and, just like a small kid, she eats as many treats as she can. The only difference: her treats are people! But it's only fair, since she spends the whole year holding her hunger. But when a very suspicious dude gives them some strange candy, Gabi starts to deal with things way too... literal.

Comic content:

Oral soft same size vore, breast expansion, F/multiple, mass vore

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