Gabi, Lily, Karen and Meg - Gunung - Issue 02

Concept, characters and production: Kattu/PaoGordo. Story written by ItsSomething and art done by FBende. ItsSomething's page: FBende's page: Hello everyone! So, this is part of my project of selling comics I commission (with the permission of the artist) to help me keep create new stories and comics about my characters. Gabi and her friends Lily, Karen and Meg are on vacations and decided to have a fun trip around the country. Unfortunately, due to a snowstorm, they got stuck in a hotel with nothing to do. That is, until Meg found a mysterious board game, Gunung, that promises to take them in an adventure never seem before. A new series of mine, introducing new characters and developing a new world. Done in collaboration with the super talented ItsSomething and FBende, this is the first of several issues where we explore the world of Gunung and all the perils within it. Comic content: Oral soft vore, F/MF

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