Gabi and Emily - Fun at Uni - 3

Concept, story and characters: Kattu/PaoGordo.

Writing: Brazzel.

Art done by the awesome ICUdhara.

Brazzel’s page:

ICUdhara's page:

Hello everyone! So, this is part of my project of selling comics I commission (with the permission of the artist) to help me keep create new stories and comics about my characters.

If ‘Fun in hotel’ is the best Gabi’s story, ‘Fun at Uni’ is probably the second best one (and not by far). And due to the survey I’ve asked you guys to answer, a new Gabi and Emily comic should be on the way. So here it is, Gabi and Emily - Fun at Uni!

You can find the ‘Fun at Uni’ story here:

It will be provided the zip file with all the 10 comic pages and the cover. I strongly ask you to keep it to you and not share or upload to your gallery by any means. If you do, I'll simply stop making new comics (they are very expensive), so you're not only harming me but everyone else who paid and even yourself, for preventing new material from me (I assume that, if you paid the comic, you at least like my work a little bit).

Comic content:

Oral soft same size vore, female pred, mass vore, F/FM, breast expansion

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USD 10.00

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